Crazy candles (120cm by 40cm)

Decorative Candles

When there’s a power cut, lightning of candle is welcome. But during daytime, candles are decorative and aesthetic elements in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Crazy Candles offers a wide range of shapes and colors and scents to portrait the desired finishing touch.


The colors that are very popular, besides the basic colors, are those of the sea- and the earth-line. Create your own art work by putting different shaped candles of the same color-line together

Personalize your gift by choosing a set of candles in one of our outlets, a basket and accessoiries (like seashells and pieces of driftwood).

Just choose one of the samples, choose number of candles and colors and we prepare your present!

Even for the one you love who already has everything.


Candle icon. Fire symbol on dark background

CrazyCandles is an initiative of

NGO Blessed Generation Kenya

P.O. Box 5236
80200 Malindi

Bevian (Mtwapa), 0796 267688

Miriam (Malindi), 020 2617415

Ria (Everywhere), 0720 683660

Candle icon. Fire symbol on dark background

CrazyCandles delivers also to hotels and other companies at wholesale prices. Prices same as elsewhere, burning time guaranteed up to 2 times longer.

CrazyCandles recommends FiestaFruits: dried apple-mango, pineapple, coconut and banana. Try this snack; a packet of healthy fruitcrisps goes for 150 bob (phone: 0725090985).